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Can Your Child See The Chalkboard At School?

Posted: Sept 1, 2014

Harold Munson

Success in school requires many different abilities, and your child's ability to see clearly plays a critical role in their academic success. Studies suggest as much as 80% of learning is visual. During a typical school day your child's eyes are in constant use. However, 1 out of every 4 children in the United States have an undiagnosed vision problem.

The reality is that undetected and untreated vision problems in school age children is a serious issue, and one that far too often is overlooked. Several studies have shown a direct correlation between a student's ability to see clearly and its effect on academic performance. It's a situation compounded by the increasing demand on a student's vision as they progress from grade to grade. As the workload increases, they're expected to work more independently. The amount of time spent reading and studying increases as the size of text in their school books decreases. Unfortunately for many students, their visual abilities just aren't up to the task and many start to fall behind.

It's common for students with vision problems to avoid reading assignments and shy away from class participation. Others may attempt to do the work yet still fail and become frustrated or disconnected. Students may exhibit behaviors such as hyperactivity or becoming easily distracted as they have trouble keeping pace with their fellow classmates. Some children have actually been misdiagnosed with ADD or ADHD because the symptoms are so similar. So, as a parent what do you do?

A comprehensive eye exam with a board certified Optometrist or Ophthalmologist can detect a wide range of vision problems that your typical vision screening performed during a physical examination by a pediatrician or school nurse cannot. Studies have shown that vision screenings can miss up to 60% of serious vision problems and that 86% of children 12 and under have not yet had a comprehensive eye exam. The statistics speak for themselves; however, with advances in medical technology, vision problems can now be detected very early on. Here at Hitchcock Munson Opticians, we recommended that your child receive their first eye exam before they turn 1 year old - or sooner if you or your pediatrician suspect a problem. So if you have any questions about your child's vision or would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call in Stamford at (203) 323-2181 or in Darien at (203) 655-9044.